Gymnast Arturas shows us his moves

Here's one that you'll enjoy if you like a boy with a bit of muscle on him. Arturas, as you can see, is something of a gymnast. As such, he's used to showing off his body in public - much to the delight, we're sure, of plenty of admirers of both sexes. That's something that Arturas is quite comforable with, though. "I know that both girls and guys like looking at me when I'm working out in the gym", he tells us. "And that's very flattering. "Come to think of it, as a gymnast I watch other guys as they work out too and I've got to say that one or two of them are pretty hot. "So while I may never have done anything with another boy before, it's certainly not something that I'd rule out in the future..." It's because of his gynastics that Arturas got in touch with HMBoys. He needs a lot of specialised equipment for his training and, now that he's out of work thanks to the current recession, he needs to explore every avenue to raise the necessary funds. So when we suggested that he could put on a little gymnastic display for the HMBoys cameras, he was pretty pleased. Thanks to all that training, his body's very supple and he's able to do quite a bit with it that almost brought tears to our eyes. We think he's missing a trick, however. Arturas really ought to branch out a little into other field of sport. He could, for instance, enter the Scottish Highland Games. He'd be a natural, we're sure, at tossing the caber...


Welcometo HMBoys - that’s “Home Made” Boys… They’re the boys from next door or down the street - but you’ve never seen them like this! This time they’re behind closed doors, out of their clothes and on their own – or maybe with a special buddy or two. And they’ve got a camera…


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